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5 Reasons You Should Invest in Quality Hunting Timberland Tracts

If you’re a hunting enthusiast, getting hunting land for sale in Arkansas should be somewhere at the top of your to-do list. Leasing hunting land can work for a while, but if you want something long term and want to save money along the way, then it’s time to start thinking of how to invest in hunting land. Check out these five reasons why buying hunting land should be your next big project.

1. It can be a source of pride.

Both land and timber appreciate over time, and if you have a long-term investment horizon, then buying land in Arkansas is a good addition to your portfolio. Remember that bucks need food, so as the trees mature and bushes and weeds grow, the quality of your hunting ground improves, making your property one of the finest in the state.

There is also a good deal of satisfaction in this. It means inviting your friends for a weekend of hunting on your land or building your own house and waking up to the fresh air and watching the shadows of your trees grow as sunset approaches.

2. You can prime it for sale.

When you finally find the right piece of land, your options range from using it for personal enjoyment to priming it for future sale. If you got a good deal and ended up with some quality hunting timberland, then you can sit back, and watch your investment grow.

However, if your land still needs some work, learning how to attract more deer to your hunting land is a good start. As the population of game increases and your timberland tracts mature, then the value of your property will continue to increase. You can then sell the piece in the future if the need arises.

3. It’s an alternative source of revenue.

More people have embraced hunting in recent years. Increased demand for prime hunting land and Arkansas hunting property for sale comes with an increased cost of hunting leases, and you can tap into this opportunity.

Aside from the cash rent, hunting clubs can also cover other costs, such as road maintenance, further making this an attractive option. Although the cash rent may not be very high, it will at the very least cover your annual real estate tax, and leave a small profit margin.

4. You can enjoy your property throughout the year.

One of the greatest things about owning land is that you can enjoy it anytime. With hunting land, this means that you have no owner restriction, making it possible to enjoy some quality hunting time whenever you feel up to it. You also won’t have the owner putting restrictions on how you hunt.

 Even when the hunting season is over, you can use your land for some quiet time or even hunting on-season. When the off-season starts, you can enjoy the process leading up to the peak season. Indeed, as you learn about setting up new deer stands, planting food plots to attract more deer, or hinge-cutting trees, there won’t be anyone telling you what to do or not do on their property. 

5. Be part of something good.

There’s always a demand for land in Arkansas. When the land is near an urban setting, there’s a good chance that it’s rich in game. The deer population has been steady over the last decade, and cases of human-deer conflicts have been on the rise, creating a need to manage the deer population.

One of these population management efforts is the Urban Archery Hunting program in Arkansas. This allows hunters to help reduce the deer population while feeding the hungry. The hunt is open to hunters who pass the International Bowhunters Education Program and can only be done on private hunting ground. If you invest in hunting land, you get an opportunity to do something good for the less fortunate, and there is no greater satisfaction than the feeling of doing good for the benefit of other deserving people.

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