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How to Attract More Deer to Your Hunting Land

Hunters love the natural resources available in Arkansas, which has some of the best hunting grounds in the country.

If you are looking for beautiful scenery that supports a variety of game, a land agent can help you to find hunting land for sale. Here is some information to get you started, including three top locations for deer hunting properties and tips on attracting deer to your land.

Three Top Locations for Deer Hunting Properties

Speak with your land agent at DDK to find out how you can secure the perfect land for sale in Arkansas to meet your game and recreational needs. The following locations have some of the best hunting land for sale in Arkansas.

3. White Rock

This mature growth forest has prime hunting spots and is located in Northwest Arkansas. Browse listings here if you hunt deer, rabbit, bear, squirrel or turkey.

2. Felsenthal

Coming in close to the top is the wonderfully preserved Felsenthal Wildlife Refuge, found in Ashley County. Permits here are limited, but it is a fantastic place to hunt majestic trophy bucks that challenge the most experienced hunters. Duck hunting is also very popular in this area of Arkansas.

1. White River

Desha County hosts the White River Refuge, a top-rated hunting area in the state. It is worth the wait for a permit during gun season, but permits are also given on a random basis in the summertime. Bow-hunting enthusiasts enjoy unlimited access during bow season.

Attracting Deer to Your Hunting Grounds

Attracting deer requires a basic understanding of what drives these animals to stay on your land. Favorite foods, scents and even water can increase the population of deer on your land. Use the following tips to attract deer for observation or hunting purposes.

Feed Them

  • Plant a plot of food that appeals to foraging species, such as deer. Start with red clover, orchard grass, and chicory. For best results, locate it far from public roads and gardens you do not want the deer getting into.
  • Put out a salt block. If you are hoping to simply view deer, place a salt block away from your home, but close enough to observe. For hunting purposes, place a salt block directly in your hunting area.
  • Scatter dried corn or acorns on your property to attract more deer.

Other Tips and Tricks

Here are a couple more tricks to attract deer once you have purchased hunting land for sale in Arkansas.

  • Quench their thirst. In areas of limited natural water and especially in the warmer seasons, a man-made watering hole attracts deer to your property. It does not have to be fancy. Burying a kiddy pool and filling it can bring the big bucks close to home.
  • Apply “doe scent” on trees or leaves. Doe scent is available at hunting specialty stores, but avoid placing any on your body.

Now that you have some secret weapons under your belt, contact a land agent at DDK by calling (501) 219-8600 to get down to the business of buying hunting land for sale in Arkansas.