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The Top 5 Locations in Arkansas for High-Quality Hunting Land

Arkansas provides hunters with a beautiful and diverse landscape as well as great hunting options. If you are looking for real estate that features both gorgeous scenery and a variety of wild game, a land realtor can help you find the perfect location. Here are five great areas in Arkansas to keep in mind when looking for land.

5. Buffalo National River

Property in this area provides lots of potential. This area includes landscapes with hardwood timber trees, spectacular views and great hunting. Wild game includes deer, elk, turkey, and black bears. The Buffalo National River is one of the few free-flowing, unpolluted rivers flowing in the lower 48 states. Permits are required when hunting along the Buffalo National River.

4. Muddy Creek

Muddy Creek features a diverse terrain of narrow valleys and rugged mountains. There is also a combination of shortleaf pine, hardwoods, and mixed pine/hardwood. You can find an incredible amount of game in this area, including coyote, duck, deer, squirrel, raccoon, and furbearers – just to name a few of the options. According to the Land Conservation Assistance Network, this area is also known for incredible turkey hunting.

3. White Rock

Located in Northwest Arkansas, this heavily forested area is a prime spot for hunting. A land realtor can help you find land in this particular area that is great for hunting deer, bear, rabbit, squirrel and turkey. You can find all of the relevant dates for hunting through the Arkansas Game and Fish Commission.

2. Felsenthal

The Felsenthal Wildlife Refuge in Ashley County is a fantastic area to hunt for trophy bucks. Permits, however, are limited in Felsenthal. The Magnolia Reporter states that the Felsenthal National Wildlife Reserve offers both great fishing and hunting opportunities. An experienced land realtor can help you find hunting land for sale that is near this beautiful area.

1. White River

The White River Refuge, located in Desha, Monroe, Phillips, and Arkansas Counties, is one of the top-rated areas in the state. Permits are limited during gun season and are given randomly through the summer. Permits for bow-hunting, however, are unlimited throughout bow season. Make sure to check out White River when hunting for a trophy buck. The U.S. Fish & Wildlife Service lists all the rules and regulations regarding hunting.

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