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Forestry Management

Forestry Consulting

If you own or are considering an investment in timberland, you should consult with forestry management and consulting experts in Arkansas. DDK Forestry & Real Estate provides land management for timber and guides you through the economic, legal and environmental responsibilities that come with owning timberland.

Land ManagemenT

We understand the importance of obtaining high yields and finding buyers willing to pay top prices. In addition, protecting the future of your land with intelligent replanting plans and overall stewardship of the environment is equally important. Our services differ from other timber management companies by combining financial productivity with ecologically sound land management techniques. DDK agents and appraisers are intimately familiar with the local and regional markets. That’s what makes us good at creating optimal strategies for your Arkansas land management plan. Get high-tech software to track your timber inventory so that your data is always accurate. This is essential when you have to make business decisions based on good information. We are proud to serve both Arkansas and Texas.

The best land management for timber utilizes the latest advancements in forestry science to maximize growth and yield on your property. So, join us on the bleeding edge of the industry by using advanced reforestation techniques, including the responsible application of herbicides, timely thinning strategies and genetic enhancements that keep your timber yield robust for generations.

Choosing Land for Your Investment

When you team up with DDK, we pair you up with a land real estate specialist, who guides you on how to choose the best land for investment. You get access to land sales search tools and maps, as well as inside information on the latest market conditions. This is crucial when you must decide whether it is time to sell or to let your timber mature and gain market value.
For more information on how DDK forestry management and consulting services can work for your land management, contact us today. We will contact large buyers for your inventory and negotiate the best deals for you.