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Timber Valuation

Valuing Timberland

If you want to invest in timberland, it is important to understand what you are signing up for. It is far from passive income, since the land and its assets require close management by the owner or one of a few qualified timber management companies. Talk to one of our consultants at DDK to ensure you are getting a fair valuation for your timber.

Investing in Timberland

Timberland investment involves the purchase and sale of timberland and usually hinges on the value of timber on the land. Historically, timberland investment has compared favorably to buying stocks, with less volatility. Buying or selling timberland can be a hedge against inflation because the value of timberland tends to rise counter to other investment types.

Buy Timber

If you are interested in buying timberland, the trees are the most important component to a correct valuation. Therefore, investing in timber property requires the coordination of a registered forester and real estate professionals. Our experts at DDK Forestry & Real Estate are here to help. A timberland appraisal is an accurate valuation of your land’s saleable and pre-sales timber. Rely on a professional consultant, such as DDK, to provide an accurate appraisal.