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DDK Land & Timber Appraisals

Land & Timber Appraisals

In buying or selling land, the additional value of the timber present is one of the most important factors in estimating the total value of any property. To arrive at an accurate and fair valuation of the merchantable or premerchantable timber and how it affects the market value of the property, a landowner needs an appraisal.


This is known as a timber appraisal and is appropriate (and often required!) for estate planning, obtaining loan collateral, and disposition.


Appraisals are comprehensive and include analysis of comparable parcels of land sold, specific breakdowns of timber on-site, and other merchantable considerations relevant to the purchase or sale of land. As part of the evaluation of the timber inventory, we calculate the subtotals of each species of tree, its value, quality, and total estimated worth. This timber-separate evaluation as part of the overall appraisal process enables us to accurately value and even best market a property as a whole.


It is important to note that all of the leading real estate appraisal sources strongly advise appraisers to seek the assistance of a certified specialist for timberland properties. This ensures that the appraiser has the present market knowledge, experienced industry background, and required certification or licensing needed for an appraisal.

The synergy created by having complementary consulting and real estate businesses allows us to be uniquely involved in both markets providing an understanding second to none. Allow us to walk you through the appraisal process in a straightforward manner. We can offer you the experience and expertise needed in an appraisal to arrive at an accurate valuation of your timber and land for the market.


About our Appraisal Team

In recent years, we have combined long-time experience and resources with the expertise of David Reinold, a “cornerstone” of the Arkansas appraisal industry. A main contributor to the Arkansas appraisal legislation, he has successfully operated the only proprietary real estate appraiser education school in the state. Apart from an impressive client list, he has also served on the Arkansas Appraiser Licensing and Certification Board, as well as the Arkansas Board of Registration for Foresters

Reinold is joined in-house by Michael Marter, a registered forester, licensed real estate agent, and state registered appraiser apprentice (RA). An experienced trainee under Reinold, Michael will soon be sitting for the Certified General Exam, having completed all relevant education and wrapping up an impressive 3,000 hours of experience required for certification and licensing. Michael has 20-plus years of experience as a consulting forester and has extensive knowledge of timber markets in the area.