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What It Takes to Quickly Sell Your Land

The quickest way to sell your land is by working with an expert real estate agent. DDK Forestry and Real Estate will work with you to get an understanding of the land market, set a fair price, and market your property.

Find Out What Your Land Is Really Worth

Before you can set a price for your land, you need to understand its value. Understanding value is a two-part process. First, you have to appraise the value of the assets and infrastructure on the land. This could be timber, sub-surface assets, or water. Valuable infrastructure could include fencing, roads or farming infrastructure. Second, you have to rate that value in correlation with current market trends. For this, you will need the help of an experienced appraiser.

Working with an appraiser who has experience with the type of land you are selling and the local area will pay off in the end. They will understand the local value of the property’s assets, and be able to best determine what price point will sell quickest.

Getting an expert appraisal will help you sell your land according to these three essential price points: location, usage, and price. DDK Forestry and Real Estate specializes in Arkansas rural land, including timberland, farmland, pastureland, and recreational land. They have a number of specialists who can help you determine the value of your land, and help you sell it.

Set a Fair Price that Works with the Market

When push comes to shove, the price point will determine how quickly your land sells. It is also what will determine whether the sale feels like a success or a failure. Setting the price too low might sell your land quickly, but it also may leave you feeling short-changed. On the other hand, setting your price too high may make it impossible to find a good buyer.

Show Your Property at Its Best

Just as you would clean your home before setting up a viewing, you should make sure your property looks good before you list it. After all, first impressions matter.

If you own rural land or timberland, you might not think this is as important. However, even if your land is not going to be used for recreation, sprucing up your property will help leave a good impression on the buyer. Remove any trash or debris on the property, and make sure all the buildings are in good shape. If you have been meaning to do some repairs, now is the time. Fix any holes in fences, repair the roads, and tidy up the landscaping. If you have any views, make sure those areas are tidied and easily accessible. Scenic vistas are often a strong selling point.

Look at your property through the eyes of a buyer. You do not want to leave the impression that fixing up your property is going to be a lot of work. Rather, you want them to leave thinking about what a fine investment the place would be.

Resolve Any Standing Issues

Just as you would not want to invest in a house that is falling apart, you would not invest in a property with a land dispute or other similar problems. Do everything you can to make the investment as easy as possible. Loose threads will give your buyers second thoughts.

Standing issues can include unknown property boundariesor disputes with neighbors. They can also be informal agreements that need to be legalized. For example, if you have an agreement to use a neighbor’s access to a water source, get it formalized before you list your property.

Solving these issues may cost time and money, but they can also make or break a deal. Plus, a property without standing issues will be valued significantly higher.

Market Your Property

If your property is not marketed well, it will never make it to the right buyer. This is a truly essential step in the process, and it is worth getting a real estate expert to help.

Understand Your Potential Buyer & What They Need to Know

To understand your potential buyer, you need to dive into your property’s best assets. First, consider what type of property you are selling. Is it farmland, timberland, pastureland, or recreational land? Depending on the type of land, your buyer will need to know different information. For timberland, they will need to know the species of trees on the property, and their value in the timber market. For farmland and pastureland, potential buyers will need to know about soil type and access to water. For recreational land, they may need a survey of wildlife on the land. Will the buyer be living on the land after they buy it? If so, you may also need information about nearby schools, shopping outlets, and other amenities.

Choosing what information to include on your property listing goes beyond acreage. Take the time to do your research, and be sure you have all the information that your target buyer might need. Having solid answers at a moment’s notice will make your buyer feel confident about the purchase.

Take Good Photos

Having beautiful photos of your property can inspire a potential buyer not only to view it, but also buy it. Potential buyers will return to those photos again and again as they consider the purchase. You want them to see your property at its best. Our Arkansas real estate team use drone photography and videography to market your land, creating truly stunning images of your property.

Create an Online Listing

Most people find property through internet listings. By not advertising your property online, you are missing out on a large portion of buyers. In your listing, be sure to describe your property in a compelling way, and include its attributes, location, and surroundings. It may also be helpful to include maps and aerial shots of your land, so that buyers can get a better sense of the investment.

Find an Expert Real Estate Agent

DDK is a trusted real estate company in Arkansas specializing in timberland and recreational property. We provide essential marketing services, expert knowledge of the local, regional, and national market, and have strong connections with potential buyers. We are dedicated to helping you sell your land quickly, and for the best price. Contact us today at (501) 219-8600 to set up an appointment, or ask us about current listings and value of Arkansas acreage for sale.