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Land & tIMBER Appraisals

Land Appraisals

Land is a precious commodity in limited supply, which gives it great potential for investors. To make the best land investment, you first need a knowledgeable partner. DDK makes you and your goals our top priority. If you own or are looking to buy land, you need appraisers with expertise in the industry and who partner with licensed professionals to value your land accurately. If it is a timber property, our timber appraisal inventory is broken down by tree species.Our comprehensive services pair you with an expert to guide you through each step in your investment journey, starting with land appraisals.

Land Appraisals

In order to obtain an accurate valuation of your land and forest purchases, you will need a land appraisal. This is true whether you are buying or selling property. Events that require appraisals include estate planning and settlement, investment planning, using your property as loan collateral and oil, gas and utilities leasing.

If you own or are looking to buy timberland, you need appraisers with expertise in the industry and who partner with professional foresters to value your land accurately. When you work with our team, you will receive comparables on similar parcels of land sold in Arkansas, as well as a breakout of the quality and estimated value of each species.

When to Invest in Land

When you are looking for income producing land, you need to have a strategy before you begin the search. You also need a land sales company that understands the local and regional markets. DDK Forestry & Real Estate are experts in land sales in Arkansas. So, whether your approach is to buy and sell or buy and hold, we can help make it happen.

Land for Sale in Arkansas

If you are looking to buy land in Arkansas, there are three things to consider first: location, usage and price. Our online tools include customized search options. Select the county and acreage you need, then use the other search options to refine your results. We have categorized available parcels by their suitability for hunting, farming or home sites. Alternatively, you can view the best sites for investment property, timberland or recreational usage at the click of a button. Contact DDK Forestry & Real Estate or DDK Land & Timber Appraisals with your land appraisal, purchase or management questions and talk to one of our experts today.