“Davis DuBose Forestry sets itself apart by being so creative and alert in monitoring the markets for opportunities to buy and sell, both timber products and timberland.  They are a very sophisticated organization who aggressively assists us in maximizing our income through a yearly operating plan and on a continuing basis.  For example, Davis has helped us take advantage of the disruption in the log market by alerting us to a shortage of pulp material as a result of decreased waste output from the saw mills. Because Davis advised us of this market situation, we were able to get very high prices for the bid we put out for pulpwood at just the right moment.”

CPA, Retired Managing Partner of Accounting Firm

“They complement each other so well as a team who have the combined talent and experience to provide comprehensive consulting, acquisition, disposition, and management—all under one roof. Bryan Davis has the actual experience of being in the woods; he knows the products that come from the land purchase. He can expertly recommend a good mix for diversification. Pat DuBose takes the perspective of market and location analysis. He has a helicopter view. The synergy created by the Davis DuBose team gives us so much in added value. Additionally, they are supporting us in being good stewards of our land. This is important for the environment and for our family.”

CEO of Real Estate Investment Group

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