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Our Top Tips for Timber Management in Arkansas

Arkansas land management involves sustainable practices and usage of your agricultural land and timberland tracts. Managing land resources includes acting as a steward for water resources, timber harvests and restoration and maintaining wildlife habitat.

There are many resources available for new and existing owners looking for tips for Arkansas land management, including the ones highlighted below from the land experts at DDK.

Association of Consulting Foresters

If you’re looking at timber management companies to manage your land, make sure the consultants you’re dealing with have the appropriate credentials. If you see ACF following a forester’s name, you know they’ve reached a level of excellence in their field. The ACF is organized around the ethical management of timberland. Their certification signifies ethical consults called upon by landowners across the country looking for advice on managing wooded acres.

Arkansas Forestry Commission

Arkansas has vast, healthy and productive forests. These forests provide recreation, wood products and wildlife habitat. Forests filter and maintain clean water. Sound land management for timber is compatible with the goals of individual owners. Silvicultural activities can move soil into streams but adopting Best Management Practices (BMPs) protects forest water quality. Their BMP booklet helps forest landowners and practitioners understand what BMPs are and why it pays to implement them. It helps you understand the requirements for road building and other land use impacts on the flora and fauna on your property.

Sustainable Land Management for Timber

The Arkansas Forestry Association (AFA) has a great Education Foundation that provides information for individual forest owners who want to practice sustainable forestry. Join an organization the cooperates with federal and state agencies, and private conservation groups to offer workshops on forest management topics. Check out their programs online:

Arkansas Wildlife Habitat Management

This guidebook provides detailed advice for managing habitats for species that live on your land. Whether its wetland, creek beds, grasslands or forests, you can find tips and trick on sharing your land with wildlife. Adopting these practices ensures you’ll leave your land in a healthy state for future generations.

DDK Forestry Management and Consulting

DDK pairs you with a specialist best suited for your land and goals. From the search for your dream property, to ideas on how to develop and improve your land, DDK offers expert forestry management and consulting services for your Arkansas land management. Contact us today by calling (501) 219-8600 to get started.