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Investing in Land? Here Are the Best Types of Land Investments in Arkansas

Although the best land investments in Arkansas vary for each individual, many will find key advantages to purchasing timberland, farmland, pastureland or recreational land.

There are many reasons to invest in Arkansas land, including the potential for long-term appreciation, possible tax benefits and new revenue streams. For example, agricultural leases, livestock, hunting leases, timber, mineral rights and even water rights can generate ongoing revenue from your land.


Savvy investors will purchase timberland for both tangible and intangible reasons. For instance, timberland often diversifies one’s portfolio and may generate revenue from timber products and subsurface leases.

Timberland can also be a highly leveraged investment — it is possible to control more land with fewer dollars. You enjoy appreciation in values while tying up less capital.

Since trees readily absorb carbon dioxide, the investor may find it satisfying to own a truly “green” asset that contributes to carbon sequestration.


Many consider farmland one of the best land investments. Farmland also balances a portfolio and diversifies risk. Farmland is often leased to local farmers to generate recurring revenue. It may come with tax benefits as well.


Much like farmland, pastureland can also be a good investment. In a study study done by Iowa State pastureland investment favorably compared with the overall performance of the stock market over a four-decade period.

It is always vital to consider important variables like the type of soil, the ratio of grazeable vs. non-grazeable land, and water quality/availability. Soil and water quality impact forage production. The presence or absence of infrastructure on or near the property is another important consideration.

Recreational Land

Recreational landowners often find it very satisfying to own tangible property. It often becomes a special place to visit with family members. Many appreciate the opportunity to pursue avocations like hunting, fishing and hiking on their own land.

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