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Four Things You Can Do with Your Recreational Land This Summer

Summertime is the best season to view recreational land for sale to see various properties in their full glory. There are many reasons that you might decide to research available land sales in Arkansas.

Pinpointing what you plan to do with the property can help you make a good decision that meets your needs down the road. Here are four possible reasons to purchase recreational land for sale in the Natural State and some things you should consider.

Hunting and Fishing

To support hunting and fishing, your land needs to be part of a continuous track that encourages natural migration of deer and other animals. If you are an avid angler, you may want lakeside property or at least feeder streams that run freely through the tract. If you plan to build a cabin on the recreational land for sale, you need real estate experts who can guide you through the land sales process.

Ask a real estate professional at DDK for their recommendation on available land that includes easy access in and out of the property and the appropriate zoning for hunting, fishing and building a cabin or other structure.

Water Sports

Lakeside property is costlier than undeveloped tracts in more remote areas. However, if your main objective is to enjoy water sports on the weekends than it should be the main focus of your land investing. If you have or plan to buy a boat to enjoy the warm summers on the water in Arkansas, make sure your land includes a boat ramp and access to at least one lake or river and that the zoning allows you to use your motorboat, PWC or any other recreational vehicle that you cherish.

Establishing a Family Legacy

Land investing is a great way to provide a legacy to your children. Land doesn’t depreciate, so it’s a great heritage to leave to the next generation. It’s also a gift you can enjoy with your family even before you build a cabin or home on your Arkansas forest track. When you start looking for suitable land for this purpose, consider the acreage and remoteness of the property.
What are the views like? If you hunt or fish, you’ll want to invest in property with a small pond or near a lake with the appropriate zoning to let you construct a cabin or home on the property.

Garden or Livestock

If you’re hoping to get back to basics, you may want to start a garden or buy livestock to keep on the land. Keep in mind this is a hands on commitment. While a garden doesn’t require 24/7 attention, someone still has to regularly check on the water supply and manage pest control. Of course, that’s not as big of a commitment as buying a couple of goats, sheep, cows or horses, which require daily attention. Animals require more than food, water and shelter. They need regular medical care and constant monitoring.
If you still want to take on your goals for buying land, the next thing you need is a budget and some undeveloped land to get started. Consult with the experts at DDK at (501) 219-8600 to find recreational land for sale that’s suitable for your needs and has the appropriate permitting.