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Do Hunters need Forestry Management?

Hunting and recreation can coexist successfully while managing the land and timber for maximum returns.

You’re out on your hunting tract. You’ve been waiting for this all winter. The weather’s perfect. There’s wildlife movement and tracks. But as you sit in your stand, your mind wanders…

That stand of trees needs thinning.
Can I sell that timber and use the proceeds to build a small cabin?
Should my hunting partner and I put a food plot closer to the creek to get more wildlife activity?

You probably have those questions…and a few more!

We have one for you. Do you know how a Forestry Consultant can help?

They get to know you, your hunting/timberland tract and your goals and objectives. Then, they create a management strategy that meets those goals and objectives. They help you implement the plan. They become a trusted advisor.

A longtime client, Gary Dan Futrell, touts the benefits of working with a knowledgeable land and forestry consultant. “DDK’s overall knowledge of forestry, wildlife, timber markets, and passion for land has helped me achieve a balance between the financial and wildlife objectives we established for my property in SW Arkansas”.

Clients like Gary Dan understand that hunting and recreation can coexist successfully while managing the land and timber for maximum returns. He says, “they executed successful harvest and management plans for my pine stands as well as the hardwood bottomlands my family hunts and cherish.”

What can hiring DDK do for you and your land?

  • Balance getting high yields from your timber while reducing
    the impact of harvesting to your timberland property.
  • Finding buyers willing to pay top prices while protecting the
    future of your land with intelligent management and reforestation plans and
    overall stewardship of the environment.
  • Connect you with experts intimately familiar with the local
    and regional markets.
  • Guide you to the latest software to track your timber
    inventory so that your data is always accurate so you can make business
    decisions based on current information.
  • Apply the latest advancements in forestry management to
    maximize growth and yield on your property.

You have a financial planner an insurance consultant, a legal guide, a medical concierge and probably a spiritual advisor. Isn’t it time you add a forestry consultant to that list?

Whether you have owned your property for many years or are new to hunting and timberland property ownership, grow your advisor list today by adding the land and real estate professionals at DDK to your team. They’ve been growing land legacies for more than 50 years and they can help you grow yours.