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Boost your Land Value with Improvements and Management

If you plan on owning the land you bought for a long time, you will want to make sure that it grows in value and that the improvements you make on it will suit you and how you plan to use it, whether it’s for recreation, hunting, investment or as a future home site.

According to a survey by, more than half of the respondents indicated that they intended to build or make improvements on their land within 6 months of purchase and/or that they wanted to add value to immediately after purchase.

There are many ways that a landowner can go about adding value and making improvements.

For those that want to live on the property, either part-time or full-time, they would start plans for a home or cabin. If your property already has a structure on it, a new buyer can assess renovations and improvements to that. Consider how you’ll use the property, what your short- and long-term needs will be with regard to living space and be sure to consult local regulations to make sure you can make the improvements you want to make.

Others look for immediate value in the timber on the property, seeking to harvest timber to create capital to make other improvements or offset the costs of the acquisition. Find a forestry management expert, like DDK Forestry & Real Estate, who understands the important of obtaining high yields and finding buyers willing to pay top prices. An experienced forestry management consultant can also help you decide when the time is right to sell or if it’s best to let your timber mature and gain market value now for a higher yield in the future.

Hiring a land management consultant can help you achieve all your goals for the property whether the improvements you want to make are immediate, or you have long-term plans to consider and plan for. A team like DDK will work with you to development a comprehensive land management plan that takes into account all of your goals and help you manage for and protect the future of your land with intelligent reforestation plans and overall stewardship of the environment.

Perhaps you’re thinking about buying land and considering the long-term management of that purchase. When you team up with a team like DDK, they can pair you with a land real estate specialist, who can guide you on how to choose the best land for your investment. You’ll get access to land sales search tools and maps, as well as inside information on the latest market conditions.

A long-time client says that “DDK’s overall knowledge of forestry, wildlife, timber markets, and passion for land has helped me achieve a balance between the financial and wildlife objectives established for my property in SW Arkansas.” So, whether you are a new landowner or looking to become one, the DDK team of real estate and forestry experts can help you achieve that same balance. Contact us today.