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3 Things to Consider When Deciding How to Choose Land for Your Cabin

Many people dream of building a log cabin, and if you’ve gone one step further and made the decision to do it, you’ll want the perfect piece of land to make your dream a reality. Learning a few basics from our experts about how to choose land for a cabin can go a long way in avoiding costly mistakes.

1. What Do You Want to Do on Your Land?

People envision all kinds of fun outdoor activities when they think of log cabins. Choosing land that fits the activities you like to do is key to your enjoyment. Consider what you’ll be doing at your cabin. All of the following can make a big impact in the location.

  • Hunting and fishing
  • Water sports like swimming and boating
  • Hiking or skiing
  • Growing a garden or keeping livestock
  • Relaxing with family and friends

You will also need to consider how often you’ll be at the cabin. Will you be living there or just enjoying it as a fun getaway? Do you need to be close to resources like a grocery store or do you want to go off-grid? Choose land with features that allow you to enjoy the activities you desire. Also, look for land for sale within the proximity of the people and resources you’ll need while you’re there.

2. Are There Any Building Restrictions?

After you’ve nailed down what you’d like to do at your cabin, you’ll next need to consider if any building restrictions exist. Some land may have code or development restrictions. Other options may have zoning or future development restrictions. Gaining the right building permits will help you avoid legal and financial headaches before you decide on the right land for your cabin.

3. How Easy Is It to Get to Your Cabin?

Accessibility is another key factor when choosing land for a log cabin. If you can’t get to your cabin, how can you enjoy it? Determine if roads, easements and driveways already exist on the land you’re considering. If so, will they need improvement? Think about possible weather conditions that will affect access to your cabin. Does the area experience heavy rain, thunderstorms or snowfall?

Another accessibility factor involves land improvement. Will you need to dig a well, install a septic tank or clear land? Consider if the necessary equipment can get to the build site via existing roads or driveways. Factor in the cost of making the property accessible around your cabin site before settling on a piece of land.

Building the perfect log cabin takes a little planning and the right piece of land. For more information on buying Arkansas real estate for your log cabin, contact DDK Forestry & Real Estate today at (888) 695-8733.